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William Wegman :: Two Dogs And A Ball

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One of the great early William Wegman films, Two Dogs And A Ball. Starring Man Ray of course.

Lawrence Weiner: The Weight of the Light From Above

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Great video of Lawrence Weiner talking about life and his work in ARKEN's collection. Some great quotes in this one.

Lawrence Weiner Smoking and Working

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Interesting French documentary from 1969 of Lawrence Weiner smoking and explaining some work.

Jim Dine Interview – Making Posters

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Some cool studio footage of Jim Dine from 1970. This video features Jim in the studio making posters and discussing the "Red Bandana". A concentrated look at one of America's early Pop artists, the film was made du...

Francis Bacon Interview From 1985

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Interesting Francis Bacon interview from 1985 discussing dark subjects even occurring in nature. In his London studio, the British painter discusses his work and approach with David Sylvester, a friend and close ob...

Sol LeWitt Interview from 2000

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Sol LeWitt interview from 2000 - this discussion breaks down his work into components and a diagram to explain form in art. Sol LeWitt, one of our most influential contemporary artists, has never liked the idea of ...

Jeff Koons Interview 2012

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Interview with Jeff Koons, Zeitgeist Minds in 2012. Koons talks about competing with his sister.

Jim Hodges Give More Than You Take

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This is a nice trailer for Jim Hodges Give More Than You Take exhibition opening in Dallas. Interesting exhibition will travel to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis next year. Some great footage here of Jim Hodge...

Charles Eames :: Tops

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One of the great Charles Eames produced films. This is Tops from 1969.

Eames Office 901 Washington Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough of the Eames' Office 901 Washington in Los Angeles right before the studio was closed. Not the most produced video in the world, but a wonderful document and insight to one of the greatest creati...

Charles and Ray Eames :: Home Show 1956

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This is the famous appearance from 1956 introducing Charles and Ray Eames on NBC's Home Show.

Eames Demetrios TED Talk

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This is Eames Demetrious TED talk about his grandparents Charles and Ray Eames. Such greatness.

Milton Glaser :: Drawing

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Milton Glaser on why drawing is so important to creative development.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec :: Quiet Motion

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Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec video around their installation, Quiet Motion.

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Wolfgang Laib :: Pollen from Hazelnut

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Wolfgang Laib (born March 25, 1950) is a conceptual artist who works with mostly natural materials. After studying medicine in the early 1970's with a dissertation on the cleanliness of drinking water, he turned h...

Wolfgang Laib :: Milkstone

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Wolfgang Laib (born March 25, 1950) is a conceptual artist who works with mostly natural materials. After studying medicine in the early 1970's with a dissertation on the cleanliness of drinking water, he turned h...

Forger Shows How To Paint Like Edward Hopper

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A Hopper landscape may look simple to copy, but the biggest challenge for the students is to bring a soulless landscape to life.

Michaël Borremans :: A Knife in the Eye

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Michaël Booremans is a Belgian painter and one of the more well known contemporary artists today. This is a wonderful documentary. For English, turn on the subtitles.

Luc Tuymans :: Making of ‘Angel’

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This is some pretty awesome footage of Luc Tuymans working on his piece "Angel".

Lee Ufan Painting

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Lee Ufan - Who'd have thought paining one streak could be so fascinating ;-)

Nardis :: Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie

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Poor quality VHS video source, but the music and the playing on here is simply fantastic. Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie playing Nardis in "Texas" 1985.

Björk Interviews Arvo Pärt

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Arvo Pärt in a wonderful discussion with the alwasys eccentric Björk

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Jackson Pollock ’51

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Philip Guston Interview

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Short interview excerpt filmed in California, 1980 Late in life, the artist looks back over a career that originated in social realism during the '30s, moved to the center of Abstract Expressionism, and culminated ...

Andy Warhol :: Empire

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Andy Warhol created "Empire" in 1964. Empire is a silent film consisting of 8 hours and 5 minutes of continuous, slow motion footage as a portrait of the Empire State Building in New York. Warhol forbid abridged s...

Lawrence Weiner :: TateShots

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I love how Weiner avoids Helvetica because its authoritarian and looks to Franklin Gothic as the alternative. Brilliant artist all teasing aside. Tateshots things he designed his own font. Brilliant interviews all ...

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Keith Jarrett Quartet :: Spiral Dance 1976

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Keith Jarrett Quartet live in Hannover, 1976 performing Spiral Dance. Keith Jarrett - Piano Jan Garbarek - Sax Palle Danielsson - Bass Jon Christensen - Drums