Discipline: Contemporary Art

Marchel Duchamp Interview

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Marcel Duchamp talks with Martin Friedman, Walker Art Center director (1961-1990), about the readymade. October 18, 1965

Robert Rauschenberg Interview

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Wonderful American Masters clip on Robert Rauschenberg. Some great interviews and as a bonus this is narrated by Dennis Hopper.

Lee Ufan Painting

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Lee Ufan - Who'd have thought paining one streak could be so fascinating ;-)

Donald Judd Interview

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Donald Judd interview footage from 1975. Judd had just moved to Marfa which is mainly what is discussed here. excerpt from: The Artist's Studio Donald Judd Of the generation following the Abstract Expressionis...

Robert Motherwell Interview

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Robert Motherwell interview footage from 1971 excerpt from: ROBERT MOTHERWELL Summer of 1971 At work on his Elegies and Windows series, Motherwell examines his place in the Abstract Expressionist movement, whi...

Philip Guston Interview

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Short interview excerpt filmed in California, 1980 Late in life, the artist looks back over a career that originated in social realism during the '30s, moved to the center of Abstract Expressionism, and culminated ...

Jasper Johns :: Flag

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Jasper Johns talks about his painting 'Flag'.

Ken Perenyi :: Art Forger

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"There's just something that makes a great painting great. It is that last ten percent." For thirty years, Ken Perenyi's forged paintings passed through the best auction houses and galleries in New York and London ...

Jeff Koons :: Versailles

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The Château de Versailles presents the exhibition Jeff Koons Versailles in the Royal Apartments and in the gardens of the Castle. The show presents seventeen Jeff Koons works, including his most significant works from...

Forger Shows How To Paint Like Edward Hopper

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A Hopper landscape may look simple to copy, but the biggest challenge for the students is to bring a soulless landscape to life.

Jeff Koons :: Tateshots

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A glimpse into the studio of Jeff Koons - a place where paintings of Popeye mingle with giant lobsters. From Tateshots.

Wolfgang Laib :: Pollen from Hazelnut

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Wolfgang Laib (born March 25, 1950) is a conceptual artist who works with mostly natural materials. After studying medicine in the early 1970's with a dissertation on the cleanliness of drinking water, he turned h...

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