Some cool studio footage of Jim Dine from 1970. This video features Jim in the studio making posters and discussing the “Red Bandana”.

A concentrated look at one of America’s early Pop artists, the film was made during Dine’s 4-year residency in London. Actively at work in his studio on several large collages, one can clearly see Dine’s masterful balance of artistic freedom and control, as he adds and modifies illusionistic images, written words and real life objects to his compositions.

The artist talks about his connections to literature and about his frequent collaboration with poets; he also discusses his own poetry, some of which he reads for the camera. The parks and streets of London are the setting for Dine’s frank comments about his voluntary exile in that city. On one walk, Dine encounters Gilbert and George as they endlessly repeat “Underneath the Arches” in bronze make-up, their earliest performance piece.


Contemporary Art


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